Data and Digital Outputs Management Plan (DDOMP) Guide

Expressions of Interest/Pre-Proposal Stage

Preliminary Data and Digital Outputs Management Information

In the Data and Digital Outputs Management section, researchers should address the following questions. Included here are resources for Belmont Forum researchers to address each question correctly and comprehensively:

  1. What types of datasets and other digital outputs of long-term value do you expect that the project will produce or reuse?
  2. Which member(s) of your team will be responsible for developing, implementing, overseeing, and updating the Data and Digital Outputs Management Plan?
    • While all members of your research team should understand and support data management best practices within your project, it is important to delegate the development, implementation, oversight, and maintenance of the DDOMP to collaborators on your team who possess the necessary skillsets and training. For more resources on what to consider as you designate a data manager, please visit the following links:
    • Does your research team currently lack experience in data management training and best practices? Consider getting up to speed using our e-Infrastructures & Data Management Toolkit, which contains location- and organization-specific resources on data management training, certifications, best practices, and more. Prior to submitting a project for funding through a Belmont Forum partner organization, members of your research team should have a general understanding of data management in order to properly complete this portion of the DDOMP. Consider searching for specific resources for your role in your research team in our Data Management Training Inventory in the "By Professional Role" section.
  3. How have you accounted for the costs required to manage the data and digital outputs to ensure long-term accessibility?